Breathaplasta by Adaptavate 20kg


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Breathaplasta is a quick setting, easy to use, breathable lime plaster.

Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, Breathaplasta is a high performance blended lime plaster product with fine grade hemp shiv incorporated into the dry mixture which enhances the
performance of the plaster in three key ways;

1. High vapour permeability (or breathability),
2. High thermal performance (or insulation value),
3. High moisture buffering capacity (or ability to balance humidity levels for health and comfort).

Breathaplasta is suitable for contemporary and heritage projects alike and is well suited for use in condensation control and to reduce or eliminate the occurrence of mould growth in buildings.

Breathaplasta is suitable for direct application to all masonry backgrounds and an extensive range of board or sheeting products. A primer may be required for specialist plasterboard such as
moisture resistant board (blue paper) and fireboard (red paper).

Breathaplasta is easy to mix and apply using standard plastering tools and techniques. Mixing time is 60 seconds and setting time is 45-60 mins per coat. At least 2 coats are required for all applications.

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