About Low Impact Shop

We work hard to provide you with the best quality low impact products for your home and garden.

Our Company

The Low Impact Shop is owned and run by Low Carbon Products Ltd in West Yorkshire, the team behind British Recycled Plastic, Britain’s best loved firm of its kind.
We’re a small, ethically led, customer driven company and are committed to widening the market for sustainable DIY and gardening products with a lower environmental impact than mainstream alternatives. 
The criteria we use to select the products is varied, but in all cases the goal is the same; to lessen our impact on the Earth.
They may be chosen because a very high build quality means that they’re going to last much longer and won’t need replacing, or it may be because of the materials used having a lower carbon footprint than what is traditionally bought, or it may be because of how they are made or by whom. One thing you can rely on though is that we’re not interested in cutting corners on quality to make a little extra profit. Everything you see on this website is designed to do its job as well as can possibly be achieved while being as sustainable as possible.
Please feel free to give us feedback or suggest new products that you think would fit our range.

Our Team

We’re a friendly bunch here at Low Impact Shop so if you need help choosing a product or you have questions about your order, give our customer services team a call or drop us a message

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